Mac pro update may 2012

This update addresses a storage firmware issue that, in rare cases, may cause data corruption. Jul 22, This update is recommended for MacBook Pro ( mid ) models. Browse and download apps for your Mac — from your Mac.
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The and models , however, are much more conventional, and a seasoned DIYer should be able to complete the process. Before you decide whether or not to upgrade your processors, you must decide if performing an upgrade, including the chance of a failed upgrade, is worth the cost and risk.

You can upgrade a Mac Pro's processors , however, you may find it isn't practical to do so. The problem is that the processors that can be used for easy upgrades are no longer being sold new.

The Complete Guide Mac Pro 5,1 (Mid 2012) GPU Upgrade

It's possible to find used processors on the salvage market, on eBay, and in other places, but they are usually sold as is, or with very limited guarantees, such as "pulled from a known working computer. Another option is to upgrade to a 6-core Westmere processor, like the ones used in the and Mac Pros. There are, however, hacked versions of the firmware that can be installed to enable support for the 6-core processor.

But once again, DIYer beware; a firmware install that goes wrong can turn your Mac Pro into a very expensive paperweight. This unsupported hack also may not work with future OS X releases. Still, using the much more readily available 6-core Westmere processors in the Mac Pro may be worth the risk. Be sure to read the entire forum thread at the above site.

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You can find additional information about performing the update from this Ars Technica article. Upgrading the processor in a — Mac Pro is much easier than the model, mainly because of the changes Apple made to the processor socket and the types of processors it chose to use. Instead of a heat sink assembly to hold the CPU in the LGA socket, Apple changed to the more commonplace LGA socket, with the conventional clamshell clip to hold the processor in place. This means the processor upgrade process is fairly conventional, other than contending with the humongous heat sinks that Apple uses.

The and Mac Pros were originally available in single-processor models that used either quad-core Xeon processors or 6-core processors. The dual-processor models incorporated a pair of quad-core processors for 8 total cores, or a pair of 6-core processors for 12 total cores. The most common upgrade is to jump from using quad-core processors to 6-core models.

There are no card slots, no extra drive bays, no GPU options on any other Apple products. Taking away customer options, especially customer-installed options, will make Macs more reliable and easier to support. But what about the power users? Apple will eventually have to explain to those folks how less is more and how this new world is even better for them. I think I know how Apple will do it. When the Mac Pro dies for good Apple will replace it in the market with a combination of Thunderbolt-linked Mac Mini computing bricks backed up by rented cloud processing, all driven from an iMac or MacBook workstation.

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  • 2009–2012 Mac Pro Processor Upgrades;
  • An email from Cook saying a Mac Pro update is coming next year was just confirmed to be authentic from Apple. This fulfills the needs for that niche by volume. Apple has no other machines in its lineup that support two processors not just two cores , and no other machines that can take as much memory as a MacPro. For people working with cinema-quality uncompressed digital video editing, compositing, and animation, those are a pretty big deal.

    Please pardon my scepticism but when do Apple ever confirm a product for a year hence with any details? And when do they legitimately confirm their fails to outsiders? I think that this post covers some real world considerations. Dwight, The website link behind your name goes to https: What a great shame to see such an icon go. To quote T. S Elliot: Apple could be working on a smaller box that focuses on multiple CPUs and stacks of memory leaving the expansion to external Thunderbolt boxes. Thank you. Thunderbolt is in no way a replacement for the dual 16 lane slots along with the dual 8 lane slots in the Pro 4 slots total.

    While impressive for a cabled interconnect, Thunderbolt does not negate the need for the Pro and the raw bandwidth that PCI Express slots provide. Articles like this are great for page views. Heck it got me to post: Perhaps thats part of the delay a year down the road. Apple are at least as much a content company as a technology company these days, so the Mac Pro is important. How do you put ThunderBolt into a Mac Pro?

    Does it need slots? The Pro sports two physical sockets. With integrated memory controllers, there are far more paths on the motherboard which leads to complexity and expense.

    Your older Mac won't run macOS Mojave. Now what? [Updated]

    USB and Thunderbolt will both come with the chipsets that are expected to be reaped next year for the multi socket Xeon processors. People can continue to read in sensationalistic and baseless speculation, or choose to look at the obvious facts and realize the sky is not falling. As a musician with a ton of pro gear in my studio, I can safely say that cloud processing for audio content is not going to happen any time soon. The Mac Pro is probably dead at this point. Can anyone confirm this?

    Your older Mac won't run macOS Mojave. Now what? [Updated]

    If this is the case, no doubt whenever Intel finally adds support for USB 3. MacPro is just a name. What folks at Apple pssst told David Pogue does not mean to much as it pertains to form factor. Only function. But I think while Steve was alive the breaks were always being applied to some degree to professional solutions, now he is gone so… who knows. I do think were talking smaller breakout box technology of some kind. Maybe not, according to Apple Insider: Yes and No. Check the processor model numbers—those are old, old news. The and were introduced as options along with the model Mac Pro.

    How much do I have to pay, Bob? I come to Cringely for his unique insight. If I want a technology blog that just repeats the reporting and errors of other technology blogs, those can be had by the thousands. The new MBP is only available with 15inch screen… for now. This is just first MacBook with retina, an introductory model. That would make sense, except that Apple continues to market a line of Macbook Pro laptops without Retina displays, but does not offer one of those in a inch model either. Well, everybody else thinks so. However, I tend to agree with you. A few years ago, high end machines for the few thousand people who used Apple computers for their creative apps was an important market.

    That has all changed. The iPad will reach over 60 million this year. For Apple, this in itself is a multibillion dollar business. The iPhone 4S is the most popular phone in the world, and Apple is gunning for China in a big, big way. Professional developers, business people, and corporate executives are ignoring their desktop computer and bringing in their MacBooks.

    Sure they did — the MacBook Pro Retina. Faster, more expansion and more screen resolution. Lighter and thinner too. This is very sad. You could just install Air Display on your iPad and and have a handy, portable, external monitor….

    I, Cringely Death of the Mac Pro - I, Cringely

    New graphics hardware for the Mac Pro will need to be thunderbolt enabled. The ganged up mac mini idea with offsite processing has been kicking around a while. At the moment, there are no consumer 4K computer monitors. It can become stronger and faster for a few more revisions if it wants to, but essentially the poroduct needs a transformation to retake its position as a leading edge product. I wonder if the question is, are they going to lose their market? A market long in coming. By this I mean, with no special knowledge, what I saw — again, clearly, no special knowledge — in the extras disk to one of the old James Bond movies on dvd, which showed a a roomful of Mac Pros on shelves, dozens of them, maybe a hundred of them, working on the restoration, color correction, remastering etc of pretty old movies.

    Apple Footer

    With multi core CPUs how many people really need two sockets? I really wish they would release a slimmed down tower based on a one CPU chipset. I need PCI slots for video cards, and no — Thunderbolt does not cut it! We really have not seen what Thunderbolt can do yet. I suspect Apple is making greater use of it internally.

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    • I would not be surprised if they are using it extensively in their massive data center and they have cloud-like software that exploits its capabilities. It would be really interesting if the cloud software someday would become an extension of MacOSX. Just get a Hackintosh if you need an updated Mac pro. I am not a fan of laptops or integrated computers; thus I want a modular system with discrete components for easy user replacement.

      Probably , when they announced the PowerPC to Intel transition. Another reason why anyone doing serious computing should avoid Apple.

      Update firmware on Mac Pro (Mid 2010) and Mac Pro (Mid 2012)

      The market for having a lot of horsepower on your desk is fairly niche, now. Most people have more CPU than they need from any consumer machine, and the people who really need lots of processing power go past high CPU desktop machines and go straight to server farms. Then they buy cheaper consumer machines to administer them. Seeing the growth curve of Macs vs. With the high development of economic, there are more and more new companies or agents emerging in the market.

      Talking about the Yiwu agent , someone may not be familiar with the name, so now let us learn some basic information about the Yiwu agent. Another point is that, the general manager had run a Chinese art and ability abundance in New York for four years afore the year of two thousand and six, so he absolutely knows the action of affairs appurtenances from China.

      The added hand, he got affiliated with an acceptable Yiwu agent who is actual accustomed with Yiwu agent wholesale bazaar and business addiction of Yiwu bazaar. A lot of important, he grew up in America and advised there, so he acerb accept honest is the key in any relationship. After reading this article, if you are interested in the Yiwu agent, you can search the Yiwu export agent on ywagent. Apple would do well to ensure that those who develop software for their platforms are well served.

      And if they want a three box desktop solution then they should ensure that is what they can have. Upgrading the processor whenever I need to, but keeping the screen that I like. Second, lack of customer installed options does not make a computer more reliable. If anything it makes them less repairable. That just means more flexing and more need to repair. Extending life through making things fixable is not just economical for consumers but good environmental policy.

      Third the lack of USB 3 tells me nothing. Back up. How is a video editor going to replace a Mac Pro with some Mac Minis and a switch? That means all bets are off as to form factor. My guess is they had something in the works while he was here but it got set aside. Now he is gone and they are bringing it back to life…. Just a crazy guess. I would say that long term OS X is gone.

      What to Do if Your Mac Can’t Run OS X Yosemite

      The Mac Pro will be the first to go. Remember they already tried to dumb down Final Cut Probably to merge it with their mobile products eventually, but were caught and got plenty of heat for it. That is the same market for the Mac Pro. It was a sign, a bad one. Perfectionists will always seek an assumed pinnacle even if it is irrelevant.

      Subscription based consumer computing will be the Kool-Aid they will serve. Apple is selling more OS X computers than ever, by a long shot.